Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Training Complete!

So last week we had our final week of training.  This included a day at Region IV in Atlanta and our final exam at an undisclosed location.  Tuesday morning we got our notice and went to Reisterstown, MD.  That night and the next two days were spent at the Maryland State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) playing in our IM I/Level I exam.  As we guessed, it was an improvised nuclear device (IND) in Washington DC.  As we were in Maryland, we played a supporting role in helping DC as well as accepting survivors.  Having all passed our exam, we graduated on Friday at headquarters in the NRCC.

As of Saturday morning at 8:30, we are on call.  As we are still moving, for the next couple weeks they extended our window to be on scene at an event from 12 hours all the way to 18 hours.  Saturday I was able to secure an apartment in Ashburn and arranged for a new bed.  Now I am home packing up the required items for the next few months in DC.  I plan to drive out early next week and then get started at the office on August 5.  It feels great to be out of training and to get into the real job!

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