Friday, May 31, 2013

MAM Class

Ah, a short week finally.  After returning from break, we were originally scheduled to have our intermediate management class including hiring staff at a JFO, a skill we actually need.  Next, they told us that was replaced with ICS 300, a class most of us had already taken.  And so when we get back, guess what, it changed again.  On Wednesday we had a half day Virtual Table Top Exercise (VTTX).  On Thursday, we found out we would be taking the MAM Class.  MAM stands for the Mission Assignment Manager.  Mission assignments are the way we task other federal agencies to do work (and get paid for that work).  It seems like they took one day of material and stretched it out to two days.  On the plus side, we get a lot of breaks and free time.  And as of now, Friday Morning, they are still not sure if we have the weekend off or not yet.  Here's hoping to a couple days rest!

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