Friday, March 29, 2013

3 weeks to go! and it's storm season...

Only three weeks before I depart Rochester to start training.  I have heard from several people that they have been contacted by the investigators checking my background for the security clearances needed.  Hopefully that will all go smoothly and I can get my official travel orders.

I also had to complete paperwork and a class to get my official travel card.  That thing will hopefully get a workout with all the trips I'll be taking.  While our training is set for three months, going until July 19th, not all of that time will be in Alabama at the Center for Domestic Preparedness.  We should get to take a few field trips to see the current teams in action.  One trip should be to the Hurricane Sandy teams in New York and New Jersey.  They have been on location since October and are set to be there until the of May.

For anyone in the Rochester area, next Monday April 1st is the local SkyWarn training class.  If anyone is interested in becoming a spotter, or just wants to learn more about the weather, this class is a educational and highly entertaining.  It starts at 6:30 PM at the Rochester International Event Center down by the airport.  You don't have to be into amateur radio, everyone is welcome!  You can find out more details at the La Crosse NWS page.

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